SAP (HANA) Cloud Platform

Cloud-basierte Apps entwickeln, erweitern und betreiben

SAP Folders and Case Management offers a central, cross-application view of complex business processes including their corresponding business objects and documents.  The deployment of an electronic administration of dossiers, documents, and activities leads to an increase in the transparency and efficiency of business processes and at the same time to a reduction in administrative and archival costs.

Further advantages of SAP NetWeaver Folders Management:

  • Replacement of paper files and documents by using their digital pendants for the purpose of optimizing the associated business processes and reducing costs.
  • All important information for business transaction like (documents, emails, SAP application data, transactions, reports and the like) will be stored well-structured and uniformly in a file.
  • Because of the central deployment across system boundaries it’s possible to have fast and simultaneous access to current information also at distributed organizations. The effort for searching, copying, and storing will be minimized. With SAP TREX you have the opportunity to use a Google-like full text search.
  • Business processes and compliance with deadlines are supported with workflows, ad hoc workflows and resubmission including an email notification service directly out of the file.
  • Auditing acceptability and compliance is ensured by both automatic logging of changing activities concerning a file and its content as well as storing of documents in an external archiving system.
  • FM is a SAP basic feature and thus enables a direct, functional and authorized integration into the leading SAP system. Working at personnel files it is possible to jump from the personnel master data view directly into the associated file. In addition a file is created, attributed and filled automatically in the background, if new employee is hired.

By using CTI FM Add-ons Office Integration and Organizer Extension it is possible to store documents and emails user-friendly out of both MS Office and MS Outlook as well as out of the Windows Explorer into a file. Integration in web and portal interfaces is possible with SAP WebDynpro technology.

In addition the service provider architecture enables to integrate any SAP and non-SAP applications.

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