SAP NetWeaver B2B Add-On

Optimized business-to-business communication

In addition to the installation options for SAP® NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP PI) and SAP® NetWeaver Process Orchestration (SAP PO), the SAP® NetWeaver B2B add-on is available as an extension. This add-on can be licensed for SAP PI, too. In the Java-only SAP PO, this add-on is included directly and needs only to be configured.

It allows to extend the functional scope of the SAP PI / PO,  so that  worldwide and recognized EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) standards are supported. This allows to connect business partners, who use these EDI standards and, in some cases, also dictate them. No additional integration providers are needed for business-to-business (B2B) communication anymore. This reduces the costs for the integration.

The B2B add-on includes the following features:


  • AS2-Adapter
  • X.400 – Adapter
  • OFTP-Adapter

Converter Modules

  • ANSI X12
  • Odette
  • VDA
  • Plain Text

Infrastructure Services

  • Predefined mapping functions
    Simplifies complex mappings for EDI
  • Archiving
    Archiving of EDI messages
  • Number range objects
    Integration of continuous counters in processes
  • EDI splitter
    Splitting of bulk messages in the so-called EDISeparator
  • Security features
    Central administration of certificates and keys
  • Acknowledgment handling
    Automated processing and creation of message delivery notifications
  • Trade Partner Management (TPM)
    Tool for managing partner profiles, e.g. addresses and certificates

CTI CONSULTING supports you with your EDI projects from initial setup of the B2B add-on up to final B2B communication with your business partners.

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