SAP Intelligent RPA

Automate routine tasks easily with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Today’s office workers often spend a lot of time switching between different applications when completing their tasks. They often have to enter the same data in different applications over and over again or paste it via copy. Such manual tasks are tedious, time-consuming and error-prone. Process automation via RPA uses software robots to simulate the operation of human users and to automate such relatively simple tasks as far as possible so that human employees can concentrate on higher-value core tasks.


  • Less tedious, often repetitive manual tasks
    Automate time-consuming, manual work. Develop bots that support error-free and scalable (24/7) repetitive tasks so that you have more resources available for your complex processes.
  • More satisfied customers thanks to better customer experiences
    Bring speed and efficiency to your operational processes so that you can proactively respond to your customers’ requirements and optimize your use of resources for value-adding tasks.
  • Redesign and continuously improve processes
    Overcome internal company hurdles, push optimal process models for maximum efficiency and use the advantages of intelligent bots for better decision making.
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Application areas are usually manual activities with …

  • high number of repetitions and standardization
  • simple to medium complexity
  • structured, rule-based process (no human discretion required)
  • with a digital trigger

A typical example is the stupid, time-consuming and error-prone collection, collection, processing and consolidation of data across different systems and applications.

So you can start together with us …

  • Workshop to identify a use case (pilot)
  • Short documentation of actual process with KPI measurement
  • Conception of target process with automation potentials
  • Implementation and (mass) testing
  • Result evaluation (including KPI comparison)
  • Discussion of follow-up activities

Robotic Process Automation with SAP

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