Document Access

Process-oriented and cross-application view of documents and data

Extend your SAP system with a process-oriented and application-spanning view of all business documents and data.

Your business processes interact with many different SAP modules and systems, as well as different non-SAP systems. From SAP ERP, to SAP CRM and SAP PLM, you must ensure that you have a complete and accurate understanding of your business processes and the significance of the output.


  • Ultimate process transparency in SAP with 360 degree views on SAP data and documents along  business process lines and in the right business context
  • Immediate productivity increase at minimal training costs through intuitive user interface
  • Improve operational efficiency and productivity by integrating business documents with SAP transactions and workflows
  • Eliminate the costs for paper and microfiche archives
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership for the IT landscape by supporting data archiving and legacy decommissioning
  • Ensure compliance and reduce risk by secure long-term archiving of SAP data and documents

OpenText Document Access for SAP Solutions (sold by SAP as SAP Document Access by OpenText) is SAP module and system-independent and ensures the complete transparency of your business processes. Going far beyond standard document scenarios in the SAP environment, Document Access for SAP Solutions adds a process-oriented view to all business documents and data.

Users are provided with a Windows Explorer-like navigation structure that gives them a document-centric view of business processes. Even occasional users can easily retrieve content using the customizable folder navigation structures.

Document Access for SAP Solutions is embedded in standard SAP user interfaces like SAPGUI and SAP NetWeaver® Portal, eliminating additional client rollouts and reducing total cost of ownership.

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