Robotic Process Automation

Intelligent software robots as digital workforce


Advantages of Robotic Process Automation

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    Support in routine tasks

    On typical working days, company clerks perform a variety of manual or repetitive routine tasks that often require a minimum of judgment. The automation of such activities often falls by the wayside due to various restrictions, whether due to a lack of IT resources or due to the frequently shunned intervention in existing processes and systems, as typically required by existing approaches to process automation. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can provide a solution to this problem.

    Software robots (also known as bots) imitate human clerks who log into systems, enter data, execute transactions and log out again. Bots are able to perform repeatable tasks with large amounts of data faster and with fewer errors than humans could ever do. These efficiency gains can be realised relatively quickly without changing or replacing existing applications. RPA is based on the graphical user interfaces and interfaces of existing systems.

    Process selection as a critical factor

    Not everything that is technically possible must also be done. It is much more important to select those business processes for automation by bots that have the greatest benefit both in terms of reducing the workload on employees and increasing efficiency. The CTI RPA Fit criteria provide a proven framework for evaluating, selecting and prioritizing processes to be automated, helping you make more targeted decisions and increase the return on investment of your RPA initiative.


    In 5+1 steps to process automation

    After the selection and prioritisation of a suitable process candidate, CTI CONSULTING recommends the design and implementation of the bots within the framework of Proof-of-Concepts (PoC). The goal is the implementation of an error-free Bots according to the target concept under consideration of the application architecture and possible technical restrictions. The final step of each proof of concept is the presentation of the bot to the project team (IT and business department) and relevant decision makers.



    We are happy to support you in your automation projects, from the selection of suitable processes, tool selection and introduction to the implementation and establishment of an RPA organization.

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