Enterprise Application Integration

Manage flexibility and heterogeneity

Historically grown, heterogeneous IT landscapes lead to the necessity of interfaces. Often, those take place as point-by-point connections or by suboptimal used middleware solutions. The outcome of this are hardly maintainable interface programs which involve high costs for customization. CTI CONSULTING supports you with the set-up of an integration platform for the essential development and accordingly modeling, administration and monitoring of interfaces by means of SAP NetWeaver PI and BPM. Consequently, you can reduce the costs per interface and evaluate new opportunities with the integration of applications and business partners.

SAP NetWeaver PI

SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI) (formerly SAP Exchange Infrastructure – SAP XI) is SAP’s middleware solution for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and service-based integration. As a component of the SAP NetWeaver platform, it supports the integration of applications in the field of Application-To-Application (A2A) and Business-To-Business (B2B). As SOA middleware ESR plays a central role in a service-oriented architecture for the modeling the design  of Enterprise Services. By means of integration processes (ccBPM), which are based on the W3C standard BPEL, complex message transfer scenarios can be modeled graphically and operated (dual-stack architecture ABAP & Java).

SAP NetWeaver BPM

SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management (BPM) provides a possibility, based on BPMN 2.0, to model integration-centric processes, amongst others, which are optimized for an interaction between applications and systems. Furthermore, BPM offers far more possibilities, also particularly with user-oriented applications (PDA – Process Driven Application). This includes the safe, role-based access to business processes as well as the integration of business rules on the basis of SAP NetWeaver Business Rules Management (BRM).

SAP NetWeaver PO

From this combination of BPM for executable process models and PI for messaging and connectivity results SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration (PO) and offers a modern installation option, which only sets up on the Java stack and completely does without the ABAP stack.

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