Business Process Management

Optimal business processes for a future-oriented company development

Business Process Management is an integrated approach which particularly unites management, organization, IT and controlling. Thereby, it is possible to react flexibly and sustainably to changes and new requirements. Required adjustments to the company’s structures and processes can thus be easily recognized and implemented.  What makes it special is that with every process the customer requirement is at the center of the observation in order to analyze, measure and manage the contribution to the company’s value creation.

Our line of action is affected by the focus on competition-relevant factors which determine every consulting project. It is also based on an integrated approach which ensures efficient project handling and high quality by using proven standards and methods. The protection and further development of unique selling points constitutes one of the essential objectives of every organizational and IT project, and consequently establishes the basis for all partial decisions within project management.

In contrast to pure situational pragmatic approaches which, for example, are only aimed at the improvement of the total cost of ownership (TCO) within the framework of the IT, CTI differentiates the optimization potentials between competition-relevant factors and those which serve purely supportive processes. First of all, it is necessary to improve the competition-relevant factors, detached from the IT, and subsequently implement them in an optimal way.

Together with the upper management of your company we will identify and deduce specific and strategic parameters. Then, the customer requirements will be analyzed and the value-creating processes are arranged in the form of a process map. The process map primarily serves for the analysis and subsequent deduction of operational fields (e.g. projects, task areas, personnel capacities, presumed weaknesses). It also depicts the business of your company as business processes and represents the central base of operations for a business process optimization. Basically our process model contains the following fields:

  • Determination of the responsible “process owner” for the strengthening of the in-house process idea
  • Continuous measurement of the relevant process parameters
  • By means of process models, complex issues are put across to the process involved persons and constitute the basis for an efficient further processing
  • By the modeling and documentation of business processes they become more transparent and can be continuously optimized
  • Support for the compliance requirements by the BPM approach

For the realization of the particular phases (strategy, analysis and design, implementation and controlling) we respectively use the most suitable tools on the market. This best of breed approach has proven very successful over the past years. In the field of process design, especially market-leading modeling tools, such as the ARIS Process Platform, are used.

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