Manual Robotic Process Automation with SAP

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is currently a widely discussed topic and includes the software-based and robot-supported processing automation of structured and rule-compliant business processes and tasks that up to now have been handled by human intervention. This approach has recognizable potential for process optimization and cost reduction.

With RPA solutions it is possible to automate repetitive tasks with only minimal intervention in the business process in order to support high-volume business transactions, to carry them out quickly and effectively and to give employees time for tasks that require human strengths. The implementation of RPA solutions leads to higher productivity, efficiency and a lower error rate.

SAP Intelligent Process Automation supplements the solution architecture of SAP AG with this modern, essential method and appears as a particularly noteworthy product in this segment due to the integration into the SAP landscape.

In this comprehensive manual you will learn which business processes RPA is suitable for, how you can develop suitable bots with the SAP solution and how you can manage your automated processes. The experienced team of authors will also introduce you to the possibilities offered by the integration of artificial intelligence.

Automate workflows
Learn which processes are suitable for automation and how to create workflows. You will learn step by step how to plan and develop your own bots for your company.

Manage automated processes
After your bots have been created and tested, deployment follows. Configure your processes and define triggers. Close-knit monitoring helps you to monitor the entire life cycle of your processes.

Integrate enterprise applications
Read how to automate SAP GUI, SAP Fiori or Microsoft applications. Further topics such as hyper automation and artificial intelligence point the way to the future of process automation

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Prof. Dr. Oliver Koch - Guido W. Stass - Dr. Stephan Wildner - Marco Schuchardt - Julian Blumenstein - Gurpreet Kaur Tangri - Adrian Lautenbach - Joseph Nserat

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