SAP Landscape Benchmark

CTI provides a new consulting service:

Today, SAP users face a variety of challenges. On the one hand, companies must take account of the new customer needs with digital products and services; on the other hand, the development and implementation of new applications into the existing SAP architectures is becoming more and more time-consuming with their growing age.

This could make the SAP architecture a hemming shoe to the digitization and modernization of IT. Reducing this technical mortgage of complex and historically grown SAP landscapes is thus a prerequisite for being able to survive the digital offensive.

With SAP Landschaftsbenchmark, CTI CONSULTING offers a tailor-made solution for SAP users, who are in a similar situation.

While conventional benchmarks unilaterally examine the SAP cost structures of the company and relate them to a comparison group in order to obtain conclusions about cost reductions or service improvements, the CTI SAP Landscape Benchmark also takes the architecture and its future security as a further dimension into consideration.

For the exact measurement of the actual landscape, this benchmark uses an SAP-certified product, the “CTI Landscape Analyzer for SAP Solutions”, which enables a complete scan of the entire SAP landscape of a company.

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