The Roadmap to Digitalization – Episode 4: Research Project «Digital Corporate Roadmapping»

Digital transformation or digitalization is widely discussed today. Digitalization offers an abundance of products based on new technologies and technological platforms that possess the capability to reshape business processes, organizational structures and ways of working. This, thus, holds the power to reshape complete business models or even overall market situations.

Numerous magazine and research articles, books and conferences on digitalization cannot disguise the fact (they rather underline) that digitalization still is a novel concept. Decision-makers struggle with the question what this concept means for their department, product or business and which measures need to be taken.

We as a consultancy company are called upon to put a great deal into researching digitalization. We already wrote about findings from a study in our recent episode. Today, we would like to continue introducing you to our research activities.

Research project «Digital Corporate Roadmapping»

For almost all sectors in business opportunities for changeover and redesign are offered by digitalization (e.g. data storage and processing technologies for big data analytics, web-based application platforms for the realization of elaborate cloud strategies, sensors, processing and analytics for predictive maintenance, methodologies for agile [project] management).

But how can organizations put these opportunities into practice? How does an organization start adequately into this comprehensive subject? Which areas of the organization should the CIO put focus on in concrete proposals?

In our research project «Digital Corporate Roadmapping» we would like to identify these areas of concern where companies see the greatest need for action. From this we would like to develop an approach for the coordination and control of digitalization activities in companies, a “digital roadmap”.

We will use the result from the research project to improve and amend our roadmapping approach we presented in our first digitalization blog episode. The approach is primarily intended for CIOs. It is intended to help them to develop concrete options for the digitization of their organization. It will enable them to support the business in the identification of new business models.

As a „digital roadmap“ is only reliable if it comprises practical insights of those involved in digitalization, we will conduct expert interviews – e.g. with CIOs, enterprise architects, demand managers, business developers – with organizations from various sectors (automotive, energy, pharmaceuticals, etc.) within our study. Participants will benefit in two ways:

  • They will receive the complete results of the research project exclusively in written form. This will give them an insight into the developments on this current topic in general and in their respective business sector.
  • We will provide them with the results in a digitalization workshop in detail and discuss with them the implications for their organization.

Works on the study have already started and interviews will begin shortly. Evaluation and publication of the results is expected to happen in March or April 2017. We hope to share some of the results with you in the blog in early summer.

Interested? If you are interested in digitalization and Enterprise Architecture Management or in participating in our research project, please, contact us: sales(at) For further information, please, also visit our website.