Capability based Landscape Planning with alfabet

  • Prerequisites:
    • Well defined structure of your organization
    • Use a hierarchical model to be able to create aggregations
    • Provide holistic business process or capability model with up to 4 levels
    • Align business process levels for several planning areas (e. g. procurement, logistics, production)
    • ICT objects are version-less planning containers to build up a strategic planning horizon
    • Applications are assigned versions in order provide the more operational or tactical planning horizon where releases are known in general
  • Steps:
    • Define time lines/horizons for planning
    • Tactical Planning is focusing on a horizon of about 1-1,5 years
    • Strategical Planning is not strictly referring to a special time line but can be up to 5 or 10 years in advance
    • Perform analysis based on standard and custom views
  • Recommendations:
    • CTI Consulting has all procedures, templates, custom views and best practices in place to implement a capability based planning for alfabet by Software AG and also other tools

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