The Roadmap to Digitalization

Digital transformation or digitalization is a widely (and wildly) discussed topic these days. Digitalization does not only offer an abundance of opportunities to reshape processes with new technology. It rather promises to change your company completely based on (data-driven) business models.

But: How are you going to tackle that abundance of opportunities? How do you define your new business models in an orderly fashion? Do you know how your current enterprise architecture supports your business model? And what needs to be done with your enterprise architecture in order to facilitate new digital business models?

These are the questions we would like to discuss in this and some upcoming articles. Today, we start with “the Digital Roadmap”.

The Digital Roadmap

Digitalization involves the danger to start with some quick initiatives (e.g. develop some “fancy” business apps) without taking a look at the big picture: Digitalization is always about business models and company strategy!

In ordert to address that, we use a four-step approach and a joint text document called “the Digital Roadmap”:

  1. Kick-off: Scope the project with the CIO and define first strategic directions
  2. Analysis phase: Evaluate the company’s situation (enterprise architecture, market situation, business processes etc.)
  3. Innovation phase: Collect ideas and develop business models in idea workshops and prepare project proposals for process improvements
  4. Governance: Establish the digital roadmapping process in the company

All activities from the four steps are recorded in “the Digital Roadmap”. All meetings, workshops etc. are collected in a timeline diagram with their (expected) outcome and associated realization projects (see the example below):

“The Digital Roadmap” allows you to keep track of your “digital” activities, unite ideas from all corners of your company in business models and plan and control projects emanating from these business models.

Would you like to know more…? In the following article we would like to present a methodology for a quick evaluation of your company’s enterprise architecture. Hope, you stay interested and follow the discussion: What are the topics you discuss concerning digital transformation and digitization? Which question do you have when it comes to Enterprise Architecture Management and digitalization? Looking forward to reading your comments!

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